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Thank you so much for the great caps, textures and brushes!

vodkaandirony | dearest
ashke_icons | 100x100_brushes
icon_textures | 77words
hanako_lovely | honerbright
joyfulsong | wonderland__
asya_17 | wash_when_dirty
bluebear_74 | ewanism
icons_are_hot | fadeto
eight_pm | _hakanaidreams
arisubox | forbiddenstorm
angeliccc | damnicons
morningstar4 | inxsomniax
scarsonchest | onsilverscreens
tihana | my_givenchy
dekolette | killcolor
killanidea | bombayicons
sir | mizzybox
blimey_icons | lovelamp
sheld0n | remus
falln-brushes | janine83
iconseeyou | urbanstrokes
_excentric_ | iqons

dj43 (lost, oc, grey's anatomy)
depressionsgurl (gilmore girls)
mouthfullofdust / deadinthescene (buffy, dollhouse, futurama etc.)
galacticconman (green day bullet in a bible concert)
awakencordy (veronica mars, battlestar galactica)
fitz_schiz (i know what you did last summer)
edele (desperate housewives, cars)
tanie_05 (superstar)
sissi_blucas (medium, charmed)
c_rex85 (futurama)
weapon_icons (spongebob squarepants)
letsbebad (alias)
newsie__nympho (bring it on)
secretsandflies (the 4400)
daisiesdaily (britney & kevin: chaotic)
dreamer1104 (alias)
politelysmile (charmed)
nightcomes @ _hellsbelles (tru calling)
bluebear_74 (the veronicas @ rove live)
idol_iconized (third watch)
coffeemuse (britney s. live from las vegas, gilmore girls, "who knew")
marishna (supernatural bloopers)
autumndreamer76 (lost s2e1)
sometimesartist (cold case)
space_geek @ geek_caps (the return trailer)
nufaciel (the simpsons)
upshot (supernatural 2x03)
zxfactor @ burgundy_shoes (cold case)
Britney Spears
Home Of The Nutty (Gossip Girl, OTH etc.)
Supernatural I
Supernatural II
The Simpsons Movie Trailer

*other caps made by myself or taken from other sites(stated in that icon post)

(please contact me if I forgot someone)

Tags: intern: resources

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