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My Icon History: 2005-2009

I've been meaning to do this for so long, but I was always too lazy to go back, look for the icons and actually start it, but a few days ago I saw other people doing this, so I felt re-inspired to finally do this... *LOL*

contains +100 icons

That's when I started making icons. Some of my first icons were made with an image editing software that was part of my camera's package, but soon I got introduced to the awesome world of Photoshop. I couldn't imagine working with a different prog now, but at that time I didn't know a thing about Photoshop. I mean, I only started using curves in 2007 or 2008, so there's always something new to discover, for instance.
Anyhoodle, I tried lots of tutorials and probably liked ~more or less~ most of my icons at that time, but now I just find them funny to look at (crazy abuse of colors, weird/dumb/ridiculous text etc.).
Another thing that I find striking is that many icon makers start out the same, use same/similar tuts and absorb certain icon trends (more about that later). For example, take a look at the icon history of dekolette or misses_turner. ;)

This is the year I created cool_graphix and it was also the most productive year in terms of making icons. I think it's also fair to say there's already an improvement (little by little) concerning my coloring techniques.
Common icon trends/effects: red blob, blueish coloring etc.


Can't say much about this year. I tried to find my own style, experimented with different colorings and fonts and got more comfortable with both, yadda yadda. Oh, and it contains lots of Whedonverse-related icons.

Every now and then I had/have an icon-making-identity crisis which you can see in certain posts: sometimes I feel like I can't find any good fonts or think of an adequate text or the coloring simply sucks (welcome to the hard world in the icon biz, ya betta pay attention to detail when signing the contract). :(

Kept going on with my styles, but also tried to find some new styles. Some icons turned out good, others not.
Due to school and stuff I made less icons (compared to 2006/2007 when every post contained about 100 icons), but on the other hand I tried to be more creative and made more gifs.

2010, what ya waitin' for?

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